The town as it grew up to 1947 had the characteristic of its own. It had 12 kots, 12 gates and 12 bastis. The Kots were predominantly Hindu while bastis were mostly Muslims. The kots, which also mean Mohallas. Each Kot had its own gate. Only a few of these basties, Kots and gates have so far survived. Jalandhar a town of antiquity, and a seat of government several times in the past, regained its lost glory of ancient times in 1947 when following the partition it was made the administrative headquarter of Punjab but lost too soon when the administrative offices were shifted first to Shimla and finally to Chandigarh.


Wonderland Jalandhar
Wonderland Theme Park

Wonderland Theme Park, spread over 11 acres, is located about 6 km from Jalandhar bus terminus and 8 km from…

Laser and Light Show at Jung-e-Azadi
Jang-e-Azadi Memorial Jalandhar (Kartarpur)

The Government of Punjab had conceptualized a mega project named as Punjab Freedom Movement Memorial in commemoration of the unparalleled…