Local Self Government

Government and its functions may be classified into National, Provincial of State and Local. The administration of a locality or small community such as village, town or a city, by the body representing the local inhabitants, possessing a fairly large amount of autonomy, raising a part atleast of its revenue through local taxation and spending the proceeds on services, is called Local Self- Government.

Municipal Corporation / Communities in the District and their Income and Expenditure.

The Municipal Committee Jalandhar was created in 1867 and raised Class – I in 1950 under the Punjab Municipal Act, 1911. Under the Punjab Municipal Corporation Act, 1976, it was further elevated to Municipal Corporation by Punjab Government on 5 July 1977.

At the time of the formation of the Corporation, all its developmental and administrative activities looked after the General Department. With the enactment of Water Supply and Sewerage Act in 1978, one more department, viz. Water Supply And Sewerage Department was created. The receipt and expenditure of this Department was separated from the General Department. The State Government directed the Municipal Corporation to take over the local bus service from Punjab Roadways. Under these directions the local bus service was transfer to the Corporation and a third department, viz. Niger Transport was created in 1980. Now, there are there wings in the Corporation which are maintaining their accounts independently.

In addition to Municipal Corporation, there are 12 Municipal Committees in the district, viz. Kartarpur, Nakodar, Noormahal, Phillaur, Banga, Nawanshahr, Rahon, Alawalpur, Adampur, Goraya, Shahkot and Bhogpur.

Income and Expenditure of Zila Parishad, Jalandhar

The main financial sources of Zila Parishad are : government grants, share of local rate and funds allotted to it for implementing departmental schemes. The income and expenditure of the Zila Parishad, Jalandhar during 1996-97 to 2001-2002 are given below:

(Rs. In Lakhs)

1996-1997 57.88 84.89 101.85 40.92
1997-1998 40.92 75.93 113.34 3.51
1998-1999 3.51 149.59 146.34 6.76
1999-2000 6.76 155.04 108.13 53.66
2001-2002 53.66 133.45 187.12 68.67

( Source : Secretary, Zila Parishad, Jalandhar )

Town and Country Planning Department

The office of Assistant Town Planner, Jalandhar was upgraded to the Divisional Town, Planner, in 1963. The primary aim of upgrading the office of Town Planner at Jalandhar was preparation of Master Plans of city and towns in Jalandhar Division and allied planning activities .it is headed by a Divisional Town Planner, who is assisted by 3 Assistant Town Planners and other subordinate staff. The jurisdiction of this office is extended upto the districts of Jalandhar , Kapurthala and Hoshiarpur.

Beside preparation of Master Plan, the Department of Town and Country Planning, advises various local bodies as well as Government Departments in the following matters:-

  1. Town planning Schemes, Building Schemes of Municipal Corporation/Committees;
  2. Preparation of Development Schemes of Improvement Trust;
  3. Preparation of controlled Areas and their development plans under "Punjab Schedule Roads and Controlled Areas Restriction Unregulated Development Act 1963.
  4. Preparation of Five – Year Development Plans known as Integrated Development of Small and Medium Towns Plans and Integrated Urban Development Plans; and
  5. Preparation of Master Water Supply Schemes and Master Sewerage Schemes.

While work at Jalandhar forms a major part, the activities of the department also spread over to other towns in the district. In accordance with the policy of the Government, preparation of Master Plans of various cities and towns has been launched and master plan of Jalandhar, Nakodar, Nawanshahr and Goraya are prepared. Further, development of these towns have been envisaged in accordance with the preparation of Master Plans. The executing agencies for plans prepared by the department are; Improvement Trust, Municipal Corporation, Municipal Committees, Housing and Urban Development, Punjab Small Industries and Export Corporation, Housing Board, Mandi Board and other Government departments such as Colonization, P.W.D. etc. Various type of planning schemes in town & villages prepared by the department are mentioned below:

  1. Preparation of Master Plain of Towns;
  2. Preparation of development schemes for Improvement Trusts;
  3. Preparation of towns planning schemes for Municipal Corporation / Municipal Committee;
  4. Survey and preparation of Development Plans of controlled areas;
  5. Layout plans or residential urban estates;
  6. Technical approval of residential colonies as per Punjab Regulation of Colonies Act, 1975;
  7. Technical security and scrutiny for environmental point of view of ‘NOC’ cases concerning cinema sites, petrol pump sites, brick kiln sites and other land used establishment;
  8. Technical scrutiny of land acquisition sites;
  9. Technical scrutiny of land ceiling cases;
  10. Technical scrutiny of building applications of local bodies and Urban Estate Department;
  11. Preparation of integrated urban development programmes of cities and towns;
  12. Tendering advice of State Government and various other department concerning all types of maters relating to physical development both in urban and rural areas;
  13. Preparation of land scaping schemes, traffic operation plans, improvement of road junction and environmental schemes etc.; and
  14. Preparation of project reports, survey, analysis, layout planning, etc. of special projects undertaken at the district level.

Town Planning Schemes : - The Divisional Town Planner, Jalandhar has prepared the Master Plan Schemes of 4 towns, viz. Jalandhar (1987- 2007), Nawanshahr (1981-2001), Nakodar (1981-2001) and Goraya (1983-2002). It has prepared 58 Town Planning Schemes covering an area of 2,864.96 acres. Out of these 16 schemes covering an area of 335.17 acres have been sanctioned by the Government. In addition of these schemes, this office has also prepared 59 development schemes covering an area of 2,044.14 acres for Improvement Trust, Jalandhar, out of which 51 development schemes with an area of 1,266.29 acres have been sanctioned by the Government upto the year 1991-92. During the year 1992-93 and 1993-94, the department has prepared 3 and 2 more schemes respectively. These schemes covered an area of 121 acres. Besides, the development schemes, the Country Town Planning department has prepared controlled area schemes for four towns in Jalandhar District, viz. Jalandhar (17,992.35 acres), Goraya (5,622.41 acres), Air Force Station, Adampur (2,311 acre) and Phillaur (10,710 acres) . Upto the year 1993-94, under Residential Urban Estate Scheme, two urban estates covering an area of 456.91 acres have been developed by this department.

Jalandhar Improvement Trust, Jalandhar :- The Jalandhar Improvement Trust was formed in April 1945, under the Punjab Town Improvement Act, 1922, but it cases functioning in August 1947. It was again revived in 1949. The Improvement Trust consisted of four trustees including one ex-officio and three Government officials during the year 1993-94.

An Improvement trust is an adhoc body constituted for the general purpose of city development. The main function of the improvement trust are to develop certain area in the city and aquire land to develop it according to the plans prepared by the Country & Town Planning Department and thereafter hand over to the municipal corporation.