NRI Sabha Punjab, Jalandhar

NRI Sabha Punjab
HO:- Office Complex of the Commissioner,
Jalandhar Division, Punjab, India
Tel: +91-181-2458232, +91-181-2227644

The NRI Sabha Punjab was founded in 1996 to fulfill the sacred and moral responsibility of the resident society of Punjab to look after the interests and welfare of the Non-Resident Punjabis and to strengthen their emotional and ethnic bonds with the motherland. It is a non-political Sabha affirmed by Govt. of Punjab which brings together NRIs, their well wishers in Punjab and Govt. of Punjab on one forum. Commissioner, Jalandhar Division as State NRI Chairman ensures proper working of the Sabha, conduct of election for President and audit of accounts/ records of membership etc. As every NRI member nominates a nominee member in Punjab, the Sabha becomes a joint forum of NRIs and their well-wishers. It gives the NRIs a forum for their recognition in Punjab. The Sabha is developing into a complete organization consisting of various wings like grievances removal, youth and women wings etc.

The main objectives of the organisation are:

  • To help the NRIs in protecting their rights in Punjab especially in property related matters.
  • To provide facilities to NRI on their visit to Punjab.
  • To pursue the interests of the NRIs with the State and Central Governments.
  • To help in investment of NRIs in Punjab.
  • To maintain cultural and ethnic bonds of NRIs, especially the new generation with Punjab.
  • To promote social welfare in Punjab by motivating the NRIs and their well-wishers residing in Punjab.
  • To provide a forum for the NRIs, their well-wishers living in Punjab and the Government to join and act together.
  • To act as trustees of the properties of NRIs of Punjab who wish to entrust their property to the Sabha for such trusteeship.
  • To recognize through awards and receptions distinguished NRIs for their achievements and contributions to motherland